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Well done for taking action and thank you for taking the time to schedule your Business Strategy Session.

We are currently reviewing all applications and will be in contact with you as soon as possible to confirm your session. ​​​​

In the mean-time, check out some feedback from some past and current clients.

​‘We didn’t know that we needed a coaching program! We had some small frustrations like time management related issues. I never expected that it would be so beneficial to our bottom line. We’ve had a significant increase in net profit. We’ve identified our goals – short and medium term – and we’ve learned that by taking a small amount of time each week to think about the business, it has led to very significant improvements…take the initial session…it will be worth it!!”

Tom Nestor, PJ Nestor & Co. Plumbing, Belcarra, Co . Mayo

“Before I had a coach, I was not managing my business right. I was overworked, working too many long hours, unorganised, feeling a lot of pressure and not enough control over the running of my business, as it was expanding rapidly.

I didn't know how to get the sale of the job, and to understand the difference between a good profitable job and one that was not so good. I also had no payment terms so I struggled to get payments with many various projects.

When I met Aileen, things changed straight away. My whole mindset did a complete 360. I was uneducated on how to run my business properly. She showed me that I had skills that I didn’t even know existed…how to be a leader, motivator & a delegator.

My business had struggled financially, but now we have systems in place that enables our business to grow more efficiently & effectively. The productivity of my business has increased massively, averaging 30%.

One of the benefits I’ve received from coaching is being able to separate my time between work time and home life, and everything running more smoothly. I can’t believe how stress free the running of a business can be when using the right structures & methods productively.

I would like to thank Aileen for all her coaching this year. From working with her I have more confidence in myself, and the future of my business. I’m not hesitant to push & drive my business further and to expand it as well. I now use my time in the business more productively, to give me more free time for my personal life. I would recommend Aileen to any business who may feel they need to adapt, work smarter & to be educated on how to run their business with a positive outlook for the future of it”.

Declan McCabe, McCabe Masonry, Ballyjamesduff, Co. Cavan.

“I first met Aileen at a BNI meeting in Carrick and was very impressed with her presentation at the meeting.

As my business had just come through the recession I felt we were stagnating and I found it very hard to get motivated to grow the business.

In the first initial consultation we teased out exactly what was causing my lack of motivation and where we were going wrong in running the business. Like all business owners who came through the recession I was doing most things fairly well but needed to up my game, and more importantly, my mindset to a higher level.

Although initially unsure about some of the tasks she asked me to do, I stuck with it and did the homework, and I found myself developing a whole new outlook on the business and the way I was running it.

To date, we have increased the turnover by 20% and have kept the costs at least at the same level as the previous year, and we are still actively trying to reduce them by the agreed 10%.

So if you are thinking of business coaching I would say, you won’t get better than Aileen, and even though you may think it’s expensive you get what you pay for. Her no nonsense and practical approach to business will benefit you both personally and your business for years to come.”

Brendan Lowe, Carrick on Shannon, Co Leitrim

“I was struggling to cope with all aspects of running the business and felt I needed help in identifying what areas of the business I should be focusing on and what areas I should be delegating to someone else. In ways I needed help to find where my strengths lie.

Now, I have a much greater understanding of where my time should be applied to achieve the results I want in my business; I now stop to think before I go running to do “non-productive” work; I am slowly training others to be accountable and to not depend on me and to understand that my time is precious.

I discovered that deep down I didn’t like managing people and that it was due to lack of knowing how – with the correct tools it’s not so scary or difficult.

If you’re thinking of working with Aileen Gallagher as your coach, you will learn stuff that will help you take control of your business and grow your business…you have to do the work but the benefits are massive”.

Michael Clerkin, Senator Windows, Cavan